Sebree, KY 

Our Safety Vision Statement

Every person who steps onto Century property is accountable and responsible for his or her safety – as well as the person(s) next to them; there is no alternative. My commitment to safety is uncompromising, and I will promote an environment where all workplace incidents are preventable through focus, observation, and interaction.  This is my vision – this is how I choose to live.

Safety is the most critical component of our operations. 

At the Sebree smelter, we view employee and visitor safety as the most important elements of our operation. We have a saying here: "Everybody should be able to go home in the same condition in which they arrive." Even within a heavy industrial environment like ours, we have a continuous goal of zero injuries. That means everyone must be dedicated to safety and to take care of others. And we mean it. 

The plant incorporates many fundamental activities to enhance safety awareness and we go to great lengths to implement procedures, guidelines and equipment to keep people safe. We employ a full-time safety staff, with representatives located in each department. They belong to a group called HSE&Q, which stands for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality.  

This group has led the effort in recording many accomplishments, including:

  • Being identified as being one of the safest aluminum smelters in North America
  • Attainment of 1 million work hours without a lost-time accident
  • Environmental honors for greenhouse gas reductions
  • Certifications in Safety, Environment and Quality

Safety First on Your Plant Visit

Our primary objective at the plant is to ensure the well-being not only for our employees but for visitors such as yourself. While visiting Sebree, you will be asked to complete important information about yourself so that we have that on file in case you visit us again.  You will also watch a 10 minute video about plant safety.