Sebree, KY 


Century Sebree offers two avenues for employment -- hourly production and maintenance positions and salary staff positions.  The following are some guidelines for any person interested in joining our team:

Production Careers

The Century Aluminum Sebree smelter is currently hiring for production positions.  If you are interested in joining our team, below are some criteria used in selecting individuals.  

Candidates must have:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Be willing to work shift work
  • No felony conviction in the last seven years
  • No employment termination for cause in the last five years
  • Demonstrated stable work history

Candidates meeting the above criteria will then have their work experience evaluated as follows:

  • Candidates with 3-5 years experience in manufacturing will receive first consideration
  • Candidates with 3-5 years non-manufacturing; hard labor experience receive second consideration

Applicants for production positions MUST complete three Work Keys tests in: Workplace Documents, Applied Math, and Graphic Literacy.  These tests are provided at the following locations:

  • Owensboro Area Career Center, Contact: 270.687.7297 
  • Madisonville Job Net Career Center, Contact: 270.821.9966
  • Henderson Community College, Contact: 270.831.9648
  • Owensboro Community College, Contact: 270.686.4444

Once completed, send your resume and a copy of your Work Keys scores to: Human Resources, Century Aluminum Sebree, 9404 State Route 2096, Robards, KY 42452.  Or, fax to: 270.521.7313, or Email:


Phase I

  • Work Keys - Basic (3) assessments: Workplace Documents, Applied Math, and Graphic Literacy

Phase II

Invited to the smelter for the following:

  • Completion of Century Aluminum Sebree Employment Application Forms
  • Interview
  • Drug Screen

Phase III

  • Completion of background checks (verification of employment application information
  • Job Offer Extended, pending the results of Phase IV

Phase IV

  • Functional Capacity Assessment
  • Pre-employment physical

Note: Progression from one phase to the next requires successful completion of all elements in each phase.


Staff Careers

Applying for a STAFF position at the Sebree aluminum smelter

Sebree's Human Resources department has a dedicated staff that assists all departments when there is a need to fill staff (non-union) positions, specifically production supervisor roles, openings for engineers, purchasing, finance, or safety professionals. We are always interested in candidates to fill these roles when they become available.

Individuals interested in staff positions at the aluminum smelter are highly encouraged to submit their personal resume and cover letter to Human Resources. You can do so by mailing the resume to:  Human Resources, Century Aluminum Sebree, 9404 State Route 2096, Robards, KY 42452.

Or, you can choose the quickest route by emailing your resume to the HR department at To do that, simply click on the link and your email program will open automatically. You can attach the resume there and send it when you're ready. 

Once a position opening occurs (i.e., position is vacated or newly created), the recruiting procedure will usually, but not always, begin by posting an advertisement in the local newspapers. However, since some do not subscribe to the newspaper, it is best to send us your resume so that we have it on hand when a position that matches your desires becomes available.